How to connect to your NAS drive

To play music from your NAS drive, you will need to connect to the Encore Web Interface from a computer.

Click on the “MENU” icon, Click “SETTINGS” and then click “SHARES”. You should then see a list of NAS drives or shares available on your network.

If you cannot see your NAS drive, click “REFRESH”.


If you are still unable to see your NAS drive, try accessing the drive from another device to confirm it is powered and correctly configured.

If your NAS drive is password protected, please enter your username and password.



Locate your music folder and click “ADD SHARE”.


Click “CLOSE” when you have selected your music folder.


Your new share will be added to the Encore. If you cannot see it please refresh the web page.

Please wait for your Encore to scan and index all supported music files and add them to the music library.


Depending on the size of your share, it may take a while for your music to appear in “My Music”.



Music on your share will not appear on the Encore web interface library and you will not be able to edit any track information.


If you remove your NAS drive from the network, please delete if from your list of Encore shares. Shares that are not present may effect the performance of your Encore.