Copying music

It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that they comply with their local copyright laws and intellectual property regulations.

Encore software

The M6 Encore is offered with advertised functions set up and operational. As features and software are updated, it is published to a Musical Fidelity ENCORE update server The Encore will regularly check (early morning local time), the Musical Fidelity update server, for any new updates. When updates are available from the Musical Fidelity servers, the Encore will download them, no user intervention is required. If no updates are available, even for extended periods, the Encore will still be checking every day.


The ENCORE warranty covers the unit with the software as supplied or updated by Musical Fidelity update servers only.

Any attempt to load in modified or third party program code invalidates the warranty and will not be supported.

When turning on after an extended period of time, the ENCORE may have to deal with several updates. This may mean it takes longer than usual to start up, but please allow unit to finish updating before use or unplugging.

Encore software is open source and may be freely reworked and redistributed as long as resultant marketed software is also made freely available, in accordance to the OPEN SOURCE license. No support will be given for this code in modified form, nor for modifying it.

There will be no one off code modifications or customizations available from Musical Fidelity.


Musical Fidelity provides (via Apple app store and Google Play only) and supports its own Encore Apps only.

Third party applications may or may not work with the Encore product.

Support for third party apps should be sought from the supplier/author.

Musical Fidelity does not support third party Apps.

Safeguarding music data

As with any piece of hardware, unforeseeable failure can occur that could render internally stored music data unreachable or corrupt.

Hardware failures are covered by your warranty. This does not however, cover any data contained within the unit.

We highly recommend keeping a complete backup of all music data in a separate location.

The normal place to store such a backup might be on the home Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive, or another computer.

Musical Fidelity Ltd. does not accept liability for loss or damage, including to any data stored within, resulting from the use of this unit.


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