The Home Page

Main home page view

This is the menu that will be seen when you press the HOME button on the front panel. Select “My music” to ensure you are connected to your Encore music library.


The <player name> shown below will indicate your machine network name. You can change the name by pressing the Home button -> Settings -> Encore Name and entering your own choice.



The main menu can be found by pressing the HOME button at any time.

Now Playing

When Now Playing is selected from the HOME menu, it will show you what the ENCORE is currently playing.

Pressing the PLAYING button also displays the NOW PLAYING screen from any other screen.


My Music

This section allows you to navigate the contents of your internal HDD.

From here you can search through your HDD content by Artists, Composers, Albums, Compilations, or the various other options available.


The text showing “m6encore-0002ff”, will actually read your ENCORE’s library name which will be different.



When you are in the RADIO menu you can find your preferred radio station in various ways.

Simply scroll to your preferred search method, Music, Sports, News, etc and press the enter button.

Continue from there via the various options.



When you are in the INPUTS menu you can choose the input connected to the external source you wish to listen to.


CD Player

When you are in the CD Player menu just place the CD into the drive and it will automatically start playing the disc.

You can select which track you wish to play by using the TRACK FORWARD or TRACK BACKWARDS buttons on the right of the display.


If you place a disc into the drive WITHOUT SELECTING THE CD PLAYER MENU FIRST, the disc will rip to the internal HDD by default.



You can add radio stations to your favourites menu simply by pressing the ADD button whilst the station is playing, scrolling down to SAVE TO FAVOURITES and pressing the ENTER button.


You can also add artists, albums, or individual tracks from the HDD to your favourites by simply pressing the add button whilst either the album or artist is highlighted in the menu, scrolling down to SAVE TO FAVOURITES and pressing the ENTER button.

If you select an artist, all of the content within that artists listing will be saved.

If you selected either the album or a track from that album, only those will be saved.

Favourites can be removed by pressing the ADD button, scrolling down to DELETE FAVOURITE and pressing the ENTER button. This can be done with either the favourite highlighted or whilst playing.


Sleep Mode

Sleep mode puts the ENCORE into a lower power mode (approx. 5W) for when the device is not in use.

You can “wake” the ENCORE simply by: moving one of the control knobs push a button on the front panel or remote “Play” a radio stream or song from app

The unit will come back to life and be ready to use/playing selected source.



Please select “Shutdown” in the settings menu.


Use the settings function to access player settings. We do not recommend changing settings unless asked to by support.

Settings features the shutdown option. Shutdown is used to properly power down the unit, and switch it off completely.


Mains power must ONLY be removed when the green screen appears saying:

“It is now safe to unplug your ENCORE”