How to add music to your Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

How to rip your CD’s to the HDD


You can rip a CD to the internal HDD by simply placing the CD into the CD Drive whilst the Encore is in any function EXCEPT the CD Player.

To rip a CD to the internal HDD just place it into the CD drive. The Encore will automatically start to rip the CD to the internal drive without interupting or changing what the ENCORE was originally doing. If you were playing music from the HDD, or listening to the radio, it will continue to do this whilst ripping the CD.


Depending upon the total length of the CD, it takes about 10 minutes to complete ripping. Exceptionally long CDs may take up to 20 minutes

The Encore is set to rip CD’s by default when they are placed in the drive. If you only wish to play the CD, and not rip it, then you will need to select the CD Player function from the main menu before placing the disc into the drive.


After you have ripped a CD to the internal HDD, it can take a few minutes to appear in the library. The amount of time taken is dependant on the total length of the CD.



Ensure that your PC/Mac/Laptop is on the same network as the ENCORE before you use this method and that you can see the ENCORE listed in File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac). If you cannot find the ENCORE in these sections then please refer to the help menus on your Windows/Mac on networking.

To use the ENCORE WEB INTERFACE you will need to use GOOGLE CHROME©.

To copy your current digital music files located on either your PC/Mac HDD directly onto the Encore‘s HDD please use the following procedure.

Open up GOOGLE CHROME© on your PC/Mac.

Type: encore.local/ into the address bar, & then press enter.


The ENCORE WEB INTERFACE should now show on your screen.


Open File Explorer (Windows), or Finder (Mac) and navigate to the folder where your music is stored.

If you are using iTunes on a PC you would follow the path:

File Explorer>This PC>Music>iTunes>iTunes Media>Music (Your Music will be listed here by default if loaded in via iTunes)

If you are using iTunes on a Mac you would follow the path:

Finder>Home (House icon)>Music>iTunes>iTunes Media>Music (Your Music will be listed here by default if loaded in via iTunes)


If you are using a different programme to store/playback your music files, please view the help files within that programme to find the location it uses to file your music.

With both the ENCORE WEB INTERFACE and your music folder open, you can now select the required music file and drag and drop it into the ENCORE WEB INTERFACE.


When the file is dragged and released onto the ENCORE WEB INTERFACE, an upload progress bar will appear in the bottom right of the interface window.


Once your music files are uploaded your ENCORE WEB INTERFACE will look this.


Each individual album/CD can take approximately 3 minutes to process and be visble in the window. The processing time is dependant on the amout of data.

Refresh the browser view, using the browser refresh button (circular arrow next to address bar) to show the updated library contents.

The files will show in the ENCORE’s MY MUSIC folder within a few minutes of this.

For a short video tutorial please click on the following link